Toscana Factory Lab is not a company, it is my dream, it is the material realization of a passion cultivated for years, the passion for the ancient gestures of the traditional rite of shaving. As an enthusiast I have experienced countless shaving products on my skin, from the most well-known and easily available to niche products, an experience that has allowed me to acquire the critical sense necessary to evaluate my own products and to pretend to reach the level of quality that you can see for yourself today.

The study of the saponification processes, of the ingredients to relieve the skin, the search for the right processes and experimentation have required years of work and study but, when you are lucky enough to make work coincide with passion, the effort is made light and the satisfactions warm the heart.
Passion is therefore the secret ingredient of Toscana Factory Lab productions, an ingredient that I hope you will perceive using my products together with the quality and beneficial effects on the skin.